Gala Vanting

ms dot gala dot vanting at gmail dot com

[short form]

I am a career sex enthusiast and a multi-ho.  I’ve been interested in sex and sexuality, and over the last 10 years have begun to make it the subject of my work through study in both academe and the Real World, smutmaking (as producer and a performer), sex work, professional and personal BDSM, blogging, imagemaking, tantric practice, and good old-fashioned doin it (and then talking about it).

You may find me here…

ishotmyself (gala)*

beautiful agony (0536)*

ifm (gala)*

liandra dahl (gala)

ATKHairy (mona)

wearehairy (mona)

And I’m always looking to expand the repertiore.

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[long form]

I am interested in sexuality in all of its facets.  This is my work/life, my life’s work.  For as long as my memory stretches, it has been a part of my nature to indulge corporeal curiosities.  I never lost touch with that aspect of myself, and I continue to build myself into loops of indulgence and reflection.  I orchestrate pleasure for myself and for others, and then I process that into words or pictures or meditations or just compile them into my body’s pleasure-memory.  It is a very powerful thing to do what I do.

One of my primary identities is as a sex worker, and I am varied in my approach.  Doing one type of work all the time burns me out and bores me, so at any given time I’m pursuing multiple projects.  Whether it’s in-person or online, educational or prurient, healing or just plain hedonism, here are some of the things that characterise what I do:

I believe that realness is sexy.  What you already are, what you already do, what you already want.  (Though of course I also think it’s important to have a few erotic goals floating around at any given time.)  I believe that my own realness is sexy, and whether or not it satisfies mainstream tastes or values, maintaining what feels true to me is a high priority.  I also think that money is great, and I alone get to decide when I am willing to prioritise it over other elements involved in my work.

I acknowledge and advocate for the right to pleasure for all people from all backgrounds.  And I really do mean that.  All genders in all of their expressions, all orientations, all socioethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Even white middle-class heterosexual males (though sometimes I think it’s ok for them to step back and let everyone else have a go at satisfying their desires, given their long history of pleasure-privilege).

I am a sex-positive feminist.  Gail Dines just needs a good root.

I believe in access to sex-positive sex education.  I think you should show (some of) my porn to your teenagers, and give them my email address if they wanna talk about it.  I also think that it’s never too late to learn more about sex.  You will never know everything, and new things are always being discovered.  It’s kinda like space, yanno?

I believe in the healing qualities of sexuality. While of course I observe that pleasure for pleasure’s sake is a damned good thing, I am particularly interested in the ways in which we can use sex and sexuality to become more well, more whole, to slow down, to quiet our minds, and to experiment with existence.  I enjoy the esoteric aspects of sexuality, and draw comparisons between sex, drugs, the dreamspace, and ecology.  Sometimes there’s a very fine line between a good lay and astral travel.

I fuck arses.  Consider yourself warned.


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